Photo of Bob Moxon Browne QC

Bob Moxon Browne QC

Call 1969
Silk 1990

+44 (0)20 7822 1200

“Tenacious and fearless”

Chambers UK 2022

“A formidable presence in court”

Chambers UK 2022

“Incandescently clever, a brilliant leader”

Legal 500 2022

“A fine advocate”

Legal 500 2022

“Truly fearsome when presenting a case…”

Chambers UK 2021

“Experienced and unflappable”

Chambers UK 2021

“Very enjoyable to work with ... immensely clever ... spots points which others have not seen”

Chambers UK 2021

“Spot-on judgment and immense gravitas in Court”

Chambers UK 2021

"...held in very high regard across the industry, his advice is invaluable..."

Legal 500 2021

“A real fighter”

Legal 500 2020

“Widely respected…”

Chambers UK 2019

“Very approachable, knowledgeable and practical”

Chambers UK 2019

“Cool, calm and collected in Court”

Chambers UK 2019

“Bullish, to the point and very client focussed”

Legal 500 2018

“a very astute and canny operator”

Chambers UK 2018


Legal 500 2017

"his judgement is second to none"

Chambers UK

"a warhorse of the insurance Bar"

Chambers UK

"First-rate... he's seen everything and been everywhere"

Chambers UK

"completely bulletproof"

Chambers UK

Practice Overview

Described by Chambers UK as an amazing court room presence” and a fantastic leader”, Bob is very well known as a commanding advocate in the heaviest commercial, industrial and insurance cases.

With over 25 years’ experience as a successful silk, Bob has the depth of experience and strong personality needed to deal effectively with difficult cases, often involving intricate facts coupled with novel points of law.

Known as a ferocious cross-examiner and a real fighter (Legal 500) Bob is a popular choice with insurers and others faced with major conflicts of evidence, or the need to mount the determined pursuit of allegations of malpractice or dishonesty. In all his work, an amiable and relaxed manner belies a capacity for meticulous application to the detail of complex cases, coupled with a lively and vigorous forensic style.

The list of Bob’s more recent reported cases, many of them decisions from the Court of Appeal, attest to the depth and width of his experience, and to the success which he enjoys as a top-rated Queen’s Counsel.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Described by Chambers UK as “a warhorse of the insurance Bar” and “a popular choice for the meatiest insurance and reinsurance cases”, Bob Moxon Browne is very experienced in all areas of insurance law and practice, including subrogated recoveries involving fires, flooding and other catastrophic events, the role of insurance brokers (including at Lloyd’s), policy construction questions and repudiation for breach of warranty and fraud. He retains a special interest in life and health insurance issues, and is often counsel of choice for the insurers and reinsurers interested in these risks.

Professional Negligence

A joint head of the professional negligence group at 2TG, Bob has for many years been recognised as a leader at the Bar in this area by the Legal 500 and Chambers UK, who acknowledge him as a fantastic leader and an “impressive Silk in this specialism. He is often instructed in cases involving allocation of responsibility within multi-disciplinary professional teams or where professional negligence is alleged to have deprived the claimant of a commercial chance. Described by Chambers UK as “excellent on coverage issues”, Bob has long experience of professional indemnity policies and their proper construction. He regularly advises insurers on policy response issues especially in the case of solicitors facing claims arising out of allegations of dishonest conduct, and has extensive experience of arbitrating coverage issues, both as an advocate and as an arbitrator.

Property Damage

Recognised by Chambers UK as a widely respected property damage silk who is incredibly experienced in this practice area, Chambers UK also say Bob is “very approachable, knowledgeable and practical”. He has extensive experience of fire, flood and subsidence cases and has a special interest in causation questions arising from the failure of fire and flood protection devices. He was leading counsel in BMG v Galliford Try Construction, Sainsbury’s v Broadway Malyon, Sahib Foods v PKS, and the ING warehouse fire litigation, all concerned with the legal consequences of the failure of fire protection devices to contain the spread of fire.

Life & Health Insurance

Noted by Chambers UK as the frequent choice of reinsurers in life insurance disputes, Bob is an acknowledged expert on issues such as non-disclosure, ante-selection, fraud, forfeiture following death caused by the insured’s criminal act, death by suicide, and issues involving joint policies and trusts of policy proceeds. He has extensive experience of the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman in this area, and is a frequent speaker on topics of current interest to the insurers and reinsurers of these risks. In 2017 Bob was successful in mounting a rare challenge to the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service in a ground breaking life insurance case.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Bob’s special areas of expertise are in banking and bank lending, property valuation and investment, mortgages and mortgage fraud and the roles played by accountants and auditors in valuing corporate assets in the context of loans, mergers and acquisitions and he has been involved in numerous Court of Appeal cases in these areas.

As leading counsel for the successful respondents in Allied Maples v Simmons & Simmons  (1995) 1 WLR 1602, Bob is an acknowledged expert on the application of “loss of a chance” doctrines to commercial situations.