In these Rules the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

2 Temple Gardens, Barristers Chambers

A judicially decided case at any level and in any jurisdiction or a citation from a text book or an article or a UK statute or other source

Closing Date
31st May in the Competition Year

The Times 2TG Moot, being the national student mooting competition established by these Rules and announced in The Times newspaper in the early part of each year and concluding with a Grand Final in the January of the following year

Competition Year
The period from the announcement of the Competition to the conclusion of the Competition

The Coordinator
The Head of Pupillage at 2TG

A written and/or oral argument presented to a Moot Judge by Teams in the course of a Round in accordance with these Rules. Each Moot will be argued on the basis of English law as it stands at the date of the Moot

Moot Judge
A person appointed by the Organisers to judge a moot whether alone or with other Moot Judges.   Where there is more than one Moot Judge, references to Moot Judge in these Rules is to be taken as a reference to all or any one of them.

A Participant who makes oral or written submissions in the course of a Moot

The Organisers
2 Temple Gardens, Barristers Chambers

Students who complete a registration form and submit a skeleton argument in the prescribed form in accordance with these Rules

PDF Format
A computer file in Adobe Acrobat (“pdf” suffix) format

Consideration of the initial skeleton arguments from the Participants from which Teams shall proceed to the Second Round and a series of Moots or a Moot at the conclusion of which half or fewer of the Teams participating shall be winners and half or more shall not progress further in the Competition.

The Rules
This document

An entry in the Competition by a Team consisting of a skeleton argument in accordance with these Rules whether accompanied or not by a video

Two Participants who have entered the competition as a pair

Word Format
A computer file in Microsoft Word format