2TG is committed to and passionate about corporate social responsibility (“CSR”).

We strive to promote ethical practices and socially responsible behaviour for our members, staff and other stakeholders through a number of strategies and policies that incorporate our overall environmental, ethical and philanthropic ethos. 


Pro Bono work

Members of Chambers are committed to access to justice, and recognise the importance to society as a whole of high quality legal advice for all individuals, including those who cannot afford legal representation.

Members regularly volunteer to undertake pro bono work, providing advice and legal representation on wide a range of issues including via Advocate, Chancery Bar Litigant in Person Support Scheme (“CLIPS”), Employment Law Appeal Advice Scheme (“ELAAS”), Sports Resolutions UK, and the Free Representation Unit (“FRU”).

Meghann McTague has been appointed as the 2TG Pro Bono Champion.  Click here for the Advocate Pro Bono Champions details.

Charitable Activities

Members and staff contribute to a wide range of charities and events on a personal level as well as collectively throughout the year.  2TG regularly takes part in and supports the annual London Legal Walk, and for 2020, took part in the Great Legal Bake off, supporting free legal advice charities and the Access to Justice Foundation.


Equal Opportunities

2TG are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to the promotion of equality and diversity across all aspects of our practice.  We ensure that in the recruitment and selection process, candidates are assessed against relevant criteria only, i.e. skills, qualifications and experience, and all employees are given equal chances of training, career development and promotion.

London Living Wage

2TG is working towards all staff being paid at or above the minimum hourly rate set annually by the Living Wage foundation and calculated by the Greater London Authority, by the end of 2020.

Equality and Diversity

2TG is committed to promoting equality and diversity in relation to the recruitment and treatment of pupils, tenants and staff and the provision of services to clients, in accordance with the Equality and Diversity Rules in the Bar Standards Board Handbook and the Equality Act 2010.

Members and staff attend Bar Council training sessions at the Bar Council, as well as regular in-house sessions also conducted by the Bar Council.

In accordance with the Bar Standards Boards equality rules, members and staff are given the opportunity to provide diversity data in order for Chambers to publish an anonymous summary of such data.

Our diversity data can be found here, and we publish an updated summary of the data every 3 years.


2TG is committed to improving and promoting the wellbeing of its members and staff.  Our Wellbeing and Social Responsibility Working Group regularly provides information and organises activities aimed at promoting wellness and a better quality of life for members and staff.  We work in partnership with Health Assured, an organisation which is on hand to provide members and staff with support.


2TG is committed to providing support to members taking parental leave or breaks in their career.

We have a mentoring scheme in place to provide support and advice to those returning from periods of leave and are proud of our levels of retention of members following parental leave.

Access to The Legal Profession

2TG, in partnership with The Times newspaper, has run a national mooting competition for the last five years.

The competition is uniquely accessible and is at the heart of our aim as a chambers to promote access to the Bar for all.

It provides an opportunity for all students in higher education to compete, regardless of their educational institution or background.  The committee strives to remove all barriers (economic and geographical) to participation and successfully attracts applications from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Media coverage relating to this year’s competition can be found here.

In addition to the 2TG moot, we regularly work with a number of local schools and charities to promote access to the Bar for those from non-traditional backgrounds.

We participate in the Bar Placement Week organised by the Social Mobility Foundation which allows talented young people from non-traditional backgrounds to gain an insight into the profession.

2TG also has an ongoing partnership with an Academy school in inner London and provides work experience opportunities and advice to students interested in a career at the Bar.

Black Lives Matter

As a Chambers, 2TG unequivocally condemns the racism demonstrated in the tragic deaths of George Floyd and others, which remains a persistent problem across the world, including in this country. We wholeheartedly endorse the Bar Council statement on equal treatment, the rule of law and inclusion: https://www.barcouncil.org.uk/resource/bar-council-statement-on-equal-treatment-the-rule-of-law-and-inclusion.html.

We wholeheartedly endorse the statement of the Bar Human Rights Committee condemning any excessive use of force against protestors: https://www.barhumanrights.org.uk/usa-policing-response-to-peaceful-protests-indiscriminate-and-excessive/.

We are committed to taking action against racism in all its forms: individual, institutional and systemic. As a Chambers, we want to create and support the necessary, tangible change within our profession and our wider community.


2TG is an environmentally conscious chambers.  We regularly review environmental issues such as waste disposal and recycling, energy consumption and maximising energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint – we are constantly looking for creative ways to overcome these issues.

Some of our small changes which make a big environmental impact include:

  • 100% compostable coffee pods;
  • bottled water supplied by the only UK water brand to attain BSI PAS 2060 carbon neutrality standard., using ethical glass bottles made with at least 35% recycled glass;
  • energy saving LED lamps;
  • gradual replacement of appliances with energy efficient models;
  • paper sourced from sustainable managed forests with FSC certification and ISO 14001 (1996) and EU Eco label;
  • promotion of paperless working and minimising paper waste;
  • recycling of plastics, tins, paper, cardboard and glass in bins throughout Chambers;
  • broken furniture/electrical items are collected and recycled where possible.


Chambers’ CSR Champion is Meghann McTague.