Chambers UK 2021

‘The best of all the sets we’ve used’

‘Excellent, reliable and approachable’

‘Highly recommended for their efficiency and responsiveness’

‘The clerking is excellent and response times are spot on’

‘If you ask them to do something, it will get done’

‘They always have a solution in place, rather than just coming to you with a problem, and are always willing to enter into a dialogue’

‘Extremely proactive and endeavour to find solutions’

‘Always make you feel like your business is of the utmost importance’

‘The clerking is second to none’

Legal 500 2021

‘2 Temple Gardens …my first choice now for advice, with a number of excellent barristers at all levels’

‘Led by Lee Tyler, 2TG has an excellent team of knowledgeable clerks’

‘One of my favourite chambers’

‘The clerks are absolutely top notch! Has been particularly good at responding to the COVID-19 pandemic’

‘The clerks provide a flexible and professional service’

‘One of its strengths in relation to product liability claims is its extensive expertise in property damage and conflict of laws cases’

‘They run a number of training programmes – particularly recently, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been very prompt to introduce’

‘Clerks are always on hand to assist particularly in high pressure situations’

‘They are always at the cutting edge of product liability cases’

‘By virtue of chambers’ longstanding experience and up-to-date training, the clerks have an excellent understanding of the specialist nature of this practice area and the particular skills and expertise which clients require’

‘They have a good and wide personal injury team’

‘Excellent – always prompt in responding and they work hard to show you that they value the work’

‘Faultless service from the clerks’

‘A first class set with great strength in depth and some outstanding individuals’

‘Great team of clerks’

‘An excellent and very friendly set’

‘I have always found the clerks’ room very efficient’

‘It has a strong track record of recruiting highly talented individuals at the junior end’

‘The clerks are great at developing relationships and being commercial’

‘As a set they offer well respected training in product liability’

‘The clerks are excellent, and are very flexible with accommodating specific requests’

‘They have an extremely strong civil fraud team, with experience at all levels. Counsel are always available to advise swiftly and decisively on difficult fraud issues’

‘Clerks are smart and make you feel valuable to them; they are also very quick to respond’

‘2 Temple Gardens has a particularly high reputation in clinical negligence, as well as more widely in professional negligence, property damage and other insurance-backed fields. They are able to supply capable barristers at all levels of call in their specialist fields. They have very good general visibility and a high reputation in the market; they also produce regular seminars and practitioner articles of high quality’

‘Has real strength-in-depth for personal injury, with very experienced counsel at all levels’

‘They offer free high quality seminars’

‘They have competent and experienced barristers at all levels and I have always been impressed with any ‘stand ins’.’

‘2 Temple Gardens have an exceptional travel team. I consider them my ‘go to’ set for any work involving cross border/jurisdictional issues. They have real knowledge and strength in depth in this area and are market leaders’

‘It has a market-leading programme of client seminars and webinars’

‘2 Temple Gardens professional negligence practitioners have a formidable reputation for handling high-value, cutting edge and sensitive professional negligence cases across a wide range of professions’

‘Particularly strong in TCC claims, but also in relation to disputes concerning solicitors and barristers; insurance and financial services; and surveyors and valuers’

‘Come lockdown, they immediately put on short and highly relevant training sessions by video-link’

Chambers UK, 2020

Instructing solicitors praise the ‘breadth of experience available at the set,’ ‘there is always someone with the right level of experience and knowledge who can handle the work’

‘The clerks are first rate and provide an excellent service’

‘They have a good breadth of expertise and some standout individuals’

‘The terrific head clerk, Lee Tyler, is supported by an excellent team’

‘The clerks are first-rate and provide an excellent service’

‘2 Temple Gardens is a good set with a broad base and fine barristers who are well schooled in the art of advocacy’

‘Has a reputation for having unsurpassed experience in all aspects of property damage work’ and praise it as ‘certainly one of the leading sets in this area’

‘The clerks are excellent’

‘As an instructing solicitor you can rely on senior clerk Lee Tyler to check in with you on a regular basis’

‘Genuine travel and leisure knowledge which they can, and do, bring to bear with exceptional accuracy’

‘The clerks are great. They accommodate last-minute requests wherever possible’

Lee Tyler leads the clerking team and is described as ‘a wonderful clerk’

‘An excellent chambers for insurance work’

‘The clerks are all very helpful and approachable’

‘Excellent service is delivered by the clerks without fail. They are efficient and really know the strengths of individual barristers so they can identify a good fit for the case’

‘The clerks are exceptionally good at making sure they recommend the right people for each case’

‘An excellent service is delivered by the clerks without fail. They are efficient and really know the strengths of individual barristers’

‘The clerks are very co-operative and extremely helpful’

Billy Hammonds is praised for being ‘friendly and approachable.’ ‘He is the most helpful clerk I have ever come across and I can always rely upon his recommendations, knowing that he puts forward counsel who meet my needs, not just those who are available.’

‘The clerks are all really helpful, quick, don’t commit to deadlines they can’t keep to and are very good at keeping you updated.’

‘The whole set delivers a first-class service. Expertly led by senior clerk Lee Tyler, the clerking team is always on hand to help.’

Legal 500, 2020

‘A solid set with a number of stars and a can-do attitude’

A ‘go-to chambers’ in the fields of clinical negligence, personal injury, and travel law.

Has a number of leading silks who are ‘very dependable and well-organised’

The ‘very on-the-ball’ clerks are ‘professional and efficient’ and ‘inspire confidence’

‘Excellent and responsive’ senior clerk Lee Tyler is assisted by Leanne Taylor ‘is very sensible to deal with’. Billy Hammonds, Matthew Moylan and Ollie Gillen-Smith ‘are always professional, efficient, and approachable’

The ‘exceptional’ set is also noted for its expertise in life and health insurance matters.

‘Highly respected’ has ‘real strength in depth from top silks to new juniors’, who are ‘highly competent and technically able’.

A ‘very strong set for property damage and product liability’, 2 Temple Gardens has ‘good depth’, and its barristers are praised as ‘approachable, commercial and practical’.

‘Excellent experience in professional negligence work’

A ‘brilliant set’ for complex, cross-border personal injury claims and it stands out for its expertise in private international law; it is considered a ‘go-to set for cross-border litigation’ by clients.

‘Solid and highly-respected chambers in the field of clinical negligence’.

Chambers UK, 2019

‘A very professional set.’

‘Their clerks are first-rate and always on hand to help. The set’s value for money is a strong point.’

‘The clerks are all helpful and willing to accommodate.’ ‘They go the extra mile and are very knowledgeable about the cases.’

Lee Tyler leads the clerking team and draws praise for having ‘his finger on the pulse of both his barristers and his clients.’

‘The clerks are all very friendly and efficient.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and able to provide sensible guidance and recommendations as to which barristers would be suited for which cases.’

‘The clerks are excellent – they are extremely prompt and friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them.’

‘They’re quick to come back to enquiries. We have no complaints at all.’

‘The chambers is very well clerked and professional.’

Lee Tyler, the senior clerk, is ‘extremely responsive and professional.’

‘The service from the clerks is excellent, they’re very attentive and professional and there’s always someone available. They really understand the work we do and the clients we work for, which is very important.’

Legal 500, 2018

‘High on quality and successfully punching above its weight’, the ‘increasingly in-demand.’

‘Good strength in depth’ for clinical negligence and travel and cross border work.

‘Always delivering a first-class service.’

‘A go-to chambers for insurance-related disputes.’

‘Has experience in the niche area of property damage disputes.’

Senior clerk Lee Tyler is ‘impressive’, ‘is always only too willing to help.’

Leanne Taylor ‘efficient, responsive and always a pleasure to deal with.’

Billy Hammonds ‘very helpful and provide a quick response to enquiries.’

The Clerking Team is ‘always on hand to assist’ and ‘never holds back if they feel they can assist their instructing solicitors and insurer clients in any way’; they reflect ‘a rightly assured ‘old school’ and ‘a genteel style of clerking, for which there is a lot to be said.’

Chambers UK, 2018

The set is applauded for its ‘intellectual reputation’ and ‘very professional approach.’

Hailed for its ‘full service offering’ and ‘strength in depth.’

The clerks and administration staff go beyond expectations to ensure everything runs smoothly.’ ‘…very helpful and friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them.’

‘The clerks are friendly, helpful and prompt. They take a proactive approach.’ ‘They always find a solution and are really customer-focused. Nothing is ever too much trouble.’

‘A sound choice for high-value, complex litigation and anything requiring urgent injunctive relief.’

‘A very friendly set intent on delivering a great service to professional and lay clients.’

‘The clerks are first-rate in terms of their responsiveness and willingness to assist.’

The set is ‘extremely client-focused.’

Senior clerk Lee Tyler ‘is always only too willing to help.’

The set ‘go the extra mile’ and provide ‘a reliable, first class service.’

‘The clerks deserve a special mention. They are a brilliant team.’ ‘helpful, quick to respond and offer the right barrister for the job.’

‘A very reliable set’ with ‘standout individuals.’

‘Has a prestigious professional negligence team.’

Senior clerk Lee Tyler ‘runs a very slick operation’ and leads ‘a pretty strong team of clerks who are very approachable and willing to go the extra mile.’

The clerks are ‘supremely helpful.’

The set is ‘a cut above the rest.’

‘At the forefront of the market for cases involving jurisdictional issues.’

‘The clerking team are ‘always very reliable and incredibly helpful.’ ‘…very supportive, easy to deal with and will do everything they can to help.’

Legal 500, 2017

‘A go to chambers for insurance-related disputes’

‘A growing reputation for commercial litigation’

With ‘great strength in depth’, the set houses ‘hardworking and committed barristers’, who achieve ‘excellent results.’

‘Everyone – from reception staff to the barristers – is friendly and approachable; they are very accommodating to each client’s needs and very professional.’

The clerks provide a ‘seamless’ ‘five-star’ service and ‘nothing is too much trouble for them.’

Senior clerk Lee Tyler is ‘one of the best in London.’  He is supported by Leanne Taylor who is ‘always a pleasure to deal with’ and Matt Moylan who is ‘responsive, efficient and always helpful.’

Chambers UK, 2017

The set is well regarded for their ‘polished and very professional’ approach both to their work and their clients.

The clerking team is ‘on the ball, courteous and efficient.’

Applauded for the strength of its education programme.

The clerks are ‘slick, efficient and seamless.’ ‘…very impressive, always helpful and accommodating.’

The set is ‘up there with the very best.’

‘Consistently involved in the most influential travel cases.’

The clerks are ‘very accommodating’ ‘give you confidence in chambers and provide their clients with a quality service.’

Legal 500, 2016

‘An eclectic mix of counsel’

‘A go-to set’ for insurance disputes

‘The chambers of choice for cross-border claims.’

‘Never put off by using an alternative if their first choice is unavailable, as the approach to work and knowledge are uniformly excellent’.

‘Very informative seminars’

‘Approachable, friendly and efficient’ clerks.

Senior clerk Lee Tyler is ‘very on the ball’ and ‘excellent to deal with.’

First Junior Leanne Taylor ‘goes the extra mile to assist.’

Chambers UK, 2016

‘They provide a full service and have experience in jurisdiction and liability issues. They can deal with medium size and multimillion-pound cases with ease.’

‘The clerks are excellent and pretty much always available.’

‘They are really helpful, really polite and on the ball.’

‘The clerks, led by Lee Tyler, are always very helpful, prompt and efficient on dealings with availability issues.’

The set as a whole wins plaudits for the depth of talent and ability on offer; clients can feel secure no matter who is handling their case.

‘The clerking is friendly and efficient. Realistic deadlines are given and always met.’

‘Excellent series of seminars’ provided by 2TG.

Legal 500, 2015

‘An excellent set with a very good team of clinical negligence barristers.’

2 Temple Gardens has ‘particular expertise in cross-border work and has a number of young and rising stars.’

‘A top-quality service’

2 Temple Gardens is ‘very slick’ and ‘light years ahead of other chambers in its training, client support, expertise and pricing model’, and ‘always seems to have someone suitable to deal with cases.’

2 Temple Gardens has a ‘real forte in professional negligence’ and ‘incredible strength in depth from the most junior of juniors to the most senior of silks.’

Chambers UK, 2015

‘The barristers know what they are talking about, are good on paper and on their feet. They are also nice individuals to work with, which is crucial as these cases can be very intense.’

‘The clerking is very efficient and the whole team, led by Lee Tyler, is great. The clerks are modern and commercial in their outlook.’

‘The clerks are very easy to deal with and I receive dates to avoid by e-mail within minutes. The conference facilities are excellent and they organise lots of high quality seminars.’

They have unrivalled expertise at all levels to call and are particularly highly regarded for their knowledge of conflict of law issues.

‘Senior clerk Lee Tyler leads a team that is ultra-efficient, always accommodating and competitive with rates.’

Legal 500, 2014

‘Excellent quality’ … ‘good depth for property damage work.’

‘Strong in foreign claims work.’

‘Excellent set with a friendly, approachable service, and a depth and breadth of expertise.’

The ‘efficient and helpful’ team at 2 Temple Gardens is particularly noted for its ‘promising array of juniors’, as well as its experienced skills.

Chambers UK, 2014

‘They’re very professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.’

‘The clerks are always helpful and proactive. The set is well organised and well run. The seminars they offer are particularly helpful.’

‘The clerking’s excellent – the clerks are very responsive, helpful and accommodating.’

‘They have some of the best clerks of any set. They’re very friendly and offer excellent client care.’

‘I’d recommend them. They’re one of the sets I go to if I need to instruct someone on international cases.’

‘In some respects they’re outstanding. In terms of questions of jurisdiction and applicable law, for example, they’re as good as anybody.’

‘I like the senior clerk Lee Tyler. He’s very good and so are the other clerks. They provide a good service and are easy to work with.’