Psychiatric Injury

We are experienced in a wide variety of psychiatric injury claims, including those concerning mental health issues such as panic and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, debilitating phobias and chronic pain conditions, which typically involve a psychological element. Our members are frequently instructed to advise in complex secondary victims’ claims.

Much of our work in this area sits at the interface between psychiatric injury and employment law and we have a long established and excellent reputation for dealing with psychological trauma claims arising in the workplace. Many of our team are experts in occupational stress, statutory harassment, overwork, breach of contract and confidentiality claims and all forms of discrimination, including equal pay disputes and claims by members against their trade unions. We are also at the forefront of workplace issues arising out of COVID-19 and stress related claims emanating from extraordinary work situations and the subsequent impact on employer liability risks. A number of us have developed a niche specialism in the emerging field of discrimination in the provision of services.

Elsewhere our experience covers both contemporary and historic claims, and cases brought by individuals as well as group actions involving multiple parties, such as asylum seekers and those exploited through human trafficking. We are especially well-known for handling group litigation claims, often on behalf of the government, relating to recently acknowledged psychiatric issues suffered following historic human rights abuses, whether sexual, physical or psychological. Examples include the Kenyan Emergency Litigation and the important litigation arising out of the alleged abuses of child migrants to Australia and Rhodesia in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We also handle claims involving prisons and other secure institutions.

There is significant overlap with a number of our other practices and many of us have complementary expertise in areas such as sport, dealing with discrimination and psychological injury arising out of training methods and rehabilitation, health insurance when considering long term, chronic illness and insurance fraud, in relation to exaggerated or fundamental dishonesty claims. We are also expert in management liability regarding claims in an occupational setting, and in private international law, when issues of jurisdiction arise.

We are active speakers, lecturers and authors in all areas of psychiatric injury.

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Psychiatric Injury Barristers

Martin Porter KC

Call 1986 | Silk 2006

Lucy Wyles KC

Call 1994 | Silk 2022

Michael de Navarro KC

Call 1968 | Silk 1990

Benjamin Browne KC

Call 1976 | Silk 1996

Sarah Vaughan Jones KC

Call 1983 | Silk 2008

Caroline Harrison KC

Call 1986 | Silk 2013

Bradley Martin KC

Call 1990 | Silk 2018

Rehana Azib KC

Call 2003 | Silk 2022

Niazi Fetto KC

Call 1999 | Silk 2023

John McDonald

Call 1981

Harry Trusted

Call 1985

Roger Harris

Call 1996

Nina Unthank

Call 2001

Helen Bell

Call 2002

Jack Harris

Call 2006

Anna Hughes

Call 2008

Sam Stevens

Call 2014

Kate Legh

Call 2018

Alex Ivory

Call 2021

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