Photo of Ruth Kennedy discusses Gender Pay Gap Issues in Lawyer Monthly

Ruth Kennedy discusses Gender Pay Gap Issues in Lawyer Monthly

Date: February 6, 2018

Following an uproar on gender pay gaps in the BBC at the end of last year, former BBC China editor Carrie Grace said she was “very angry” about the treatment and unfairness towards female staff in the company. Unfortunately, this is a situation mirrored far and wide, in both small and large companies. One of few countermeasures is the gender pay gap reporting scheme, which so far has seemed effective in shedding light on some of the companies of which females are affected.

This week Lawyer Monthly set out to find out Your Thoughts on the gender pay gap, posing the following questions:

What are your thoughts on the pay gap reporting scheme? Where will we see progress? What do you want for equality? Where do you want to see change? What does the law currently say about gender discrimination and reporting pay gaps?

Here’s what the experts had to say.

Ruth Kennedy, employment barrister, 2 Temple Gardens:

The disparity between what women at the BBC feel and the results of PwC’s recent report illustrates the difficulty in assessing what true ‘equality’ is.

The report states that ‘too much weight has been placed on the prominence and profile of certain individuals’. However, those very individuals form the face of the BBC.

When public facing organisations appear to value male employees more than their female counterparts, this will inevitably result in public outcry. In the end, how much female and male staff are paid individually matters.

This article was originally published in Lawyer Monthly and can be accessed here