Direct Access

There are two types of direct access to barristers: Licensed Access and Public Access.

Licensed Access Instructions

Licensed Access permits members of a professional organisation, companies, firms and other organisations who have a licence from the Bar Council, to instruct a barrister directly. You can read more about it on the Bar Council website.

Our clerks’ contact details, including direct dials and email addresses can be found on their individual profile pages here.

Public Access Instructions

Private individuals and corporate clients can instruct barristers directly via the Public Access scheme. You do not need to go through an intermediary, such as a solicitor, to instruct a barrister to provide legal advice or to represent you in court in many civil cases.

Barristers must qualify to accept Public Access instructions through specialist training. Please see the list of the 2TG barristers able to accept public access instructions here.

Under Public Access rules our barristers can:

  • Provide expert legal advice
  • Draft legal documents, formal court documents and correspondence
  • Draft statements from litigants and witnesses
  • Advice on choice and use of expert witnesses
  • Represent you in court, at hearings, tribunals and in mediations

What barristers cannot do:

  • Issue court documents on your behalf
  • Contact witnesses directly
  • Collect or investigate evidence
  • Correspond directly with the other side in the case
  • Handle any client money e.g. they may not pay your court fees on your behalf

To instruct one of our barristers through Public Access, please talk to one of our clerks. They can help to assess whether 2TG can help you and give guidance on what level of expertise you may need. Our clerks’ contact details, including direct dials and email addresses can be found on their individual profile pages here.

Our clerks will also explain our costs. Barristers charge either an hourly rate, daily rate or a fixed fee, depending on the type of work involved. The amounts depend on the seniority and experience of the barrister, the complexity of the case and the amount of work involved. We are experienced in matching the right barrister to the case and we are as clear and accurate as possible in assessing fees, which will be agreed with you before any work is done.

Please see our Public Access Questionnaire, which you can complete and email direct to our clerks, or may find useful for reference if contacting us by phone.

Click here for a list of our barristers who accept instruction via Public Access.

Click here to view the Bar Standards Board’s Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients.

For more detailed information about instructing our members via Public Access please click here to view a PDF Fact Sheet. For further information on how chambers can assist you in employment tribunal claims, personal injury claims and winding-up petitions, please click on the links below to view the relevant Fact Sheets:

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