Photo of International Group Claims Seminar 2018

International Group Claims Seminar 2018

Date: November 12, 2018

Group claims against companies and states in relation to human rights abuses allegedly carried out by state and private security forces, and in relation to environmental torts, whether current or historical, have become increasingly common in English courts. The issues raised by these claims are often complex, raising difficult questions of conflict of laws, tort, limitation, parent company liability, contribution and claims handling.

2TG’s barristers have been instructed on behalf of individuals, communities, governments and companies in many of the recent leading cases in this field, including the Kenyan Emergency Group Litigation (Mau Mau), the Cyprus Emergency Litigation, African Minerals, Vedanta, Okpabi and Iraqi Civilians.

On 9th November 2018 2TG held its inaugural International Group Claims seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The following series of talks were given by members of 2TG:

Introduction and Litigation Management (Niazi Fetto)

Anonymous claimants and anonymous witnesses (Robert Cumming)

Dealing with disclosure in historical claims (Clare Brown, Sam Stevens)

Duties of parent companies to employees of subsidiaries and third parties (Andrew Bershadski)

Private International Law issues in international group claims (Charles Dougherty QC)

Corporate responsibility for acts of third parties: attribution, vicarious, and accessory liability (Neil Moody QC)